Skinna IFTA

The Icelandic Fur Trade Association was established in 2008 and represents the fur sector in Iceland. We promote the highest standards in animal welfare, responsible manufacturing and processing and the right to trade in and to wear fur. The IFTA is a member of the International Fur Federation (IFF) an organization with 46 member associations in 38 countries. The Icelandic Fur Trade Association together with all IFF member associations have signed the IFF Code of Practice, which states that we respect and work within the relevant rules and/or regulations of our country concerning: - Animal welfare - Environmental standards - Employment laws - International conventions including CITES

Members: Icelandic Fur Breeders Association, Icelandic Seal Farmers Society, Atlantic Leather & Eggert feldskeri


Friends and members:

  • Eggert
    - Furrier -

    Furrier Eggert Jóhannsson has been running a workshop and showroom in Reykjavik since 1977. A great deal of emphasis is placed on making environmentally friendly, light, comfortable and high quality clothing.
  • Loðskinn
    - woolskin tannery -

    Lodskinn Ltd specialises in the production of decorative skins from Icelandic longwool lambskins.
  • We are fur.
    - International Fur Federation -

    The International Fur Federation (IFF) is the voice of the fur trade. Formed over 60 years ago, it protects the fur trade’s interests, promotes innovation and high standards and presents a factual image of the fur industry.
  • Atlantic Leather
    - tannery -

    Atlantic Leather is an Icelandic tannery which produces leather from the skins of four species of fish: perch, salmon, wolffish and cod. The company was launched in 1994 as an offshoot of the Loðskinn tannery, where development work had been in progress since 1989 on methods of tanning fishskin into leather.

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